MITスローン日本同窓会 (SSJ) 2015年度 年次総会開催のご案内

11月24日に東京で開催予定のイベント案内を転載します。今年度はLIXIL藤森社長並びにBCG Japan秋池シニアパートナーがご登壇される予定です。詳細は下記の案内文をご参照ください。

As we have sent our “Save the Date” message, it is the MIT Sloan Society of Japan’s great pleasure to announce that we will hold this year’s General Assembly 2015 of MIT Sloan Society of Japan (SSJ), on Tuesday, November 24th 2015.

This year, we are happy to welcome:

  • Mr. Yoshiaki Fujimori, President & CEO of LIXIL Group Corporation (former CEO of GE Japan Ltd.) and
  • Ms. Reiko Akiike, Senior Partner & Managing Director of Boston Consulting Group of Japan (MIT Sloan MBA ‘96),

for a panel discussion “Insight Creating a Global Enterprise from Japan.”

19:00 – 21:30, Tuesday, November 24th
901 (9th floor), Shin Marunouchi Building
1-5-1 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

In this year’s event, we will hold:
– Sloan Society of Japan General Assembly 2015
– Panel Discussion by Mr. Yoshiaki Fujimori and Ms. Reiko Akiike
– Reception

MIT-SSJ Members (annual fee paid): USD 60.- per person
Others: USD 70.- per person
Please register for this event by Nov 17th online via Encompass by clicking here:

Once registrations reach the capacity of the venue (up to 130 attendees), reservations thereafter would not be accepted.

*: Your seat would be reserved whenever you completed the payment.
**: Payment would be non-refundable and automatically donated to SSJ in case of no-show.
*** SSJ will not suppose to admit participants who works for mass media or whose purpose is to gather information for any publicity.

Warmest regards,
MIT Sloan Society of Japan

For questions, please contact Kohei Wakayama (